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Natural Agents of Skin Nurturing Active Formula (NASNAF) Products of ABAL RESEARCH ENTERPRISES are made in distilled rose water in a natural way. NASNAF Products include the extracts of natural fruits, flowers and plants which entail all vitamins, minerals and proteins essential for skin beauty, care and cure. These products do not include any kind of artificial / synthetic chemicals and hence have no side effect.

NASNAF is a complete food for skin and is used for all skin purposes. It is beneficial for each age-group with varying degree. NASNAF entails all three qualities i.e. Cosmetic, Preventive and Cure.

The results of NASNAF Products are remarkable while applying on women, girls, babies, kids, men and boys facing more than forty skin issues in regions of varying climate, weather and temperature in Pakistan, India, Germany, Netherland, Canada, Dubai and UK.

Our Ambition

Our ambition for the coming years is to win over another one billion consumers around the world by creating the cosmetic products that meet the infinite diversity of their beauty needs and desires.

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150+ Total Products
20+ Brands
10,000+ Happy Customers

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